Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

As you can see, the design has changed and I have added two new features to make this a more appealing place to read. First, I added a subscription widget so that you can receive updates on your homepage (news feed) when a new blog is posted. This will make readership a little more steady and with readers, I have much more incentive write about what you would like to read about. Second, I added a poll widget that I will update weekly. The polls serve as my way of finding out more about you and your interests, opinions, experiences, etc. These will ultimately lead to blogs, so please participate!

This week's poll asks what you, the reader, would like the next blog to be about. The subject with the most votes will get the next blog space, but be assured that if you vote on a subject I will write about it in the near future. I am just trying to gauge what my readers would like to know more about. Also, please always feel free to comment on my blogs. If you would like an informational blog on something or you feel that there is a subject I haven't touched on that you would like covered, just let me know!

Thank you for reading! And welcome to Deconstructing Motherhood... where you don't have to be a mother to want to know more about it.

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Diana J. said...

Hi, Audrey!!

This is the only way I've figured out on how to respond to people - going to their blogs and writing back. Hopefully I'll figure out how to do it properly sometime!

I have actually been doing research on waterbirth just yesterday and today for a friend who wants to do in-hospital waterbirth. According to the Phoenix birth network, there are no hospitals in the valley that offer waterbirth. There are some that offer labor tubs, but their use is restricted - one must usually be really "low risk" and some docs won't allow them after a mum's water has broken. I guess it depends on the particular hospital and the particular doctor. No hospitals allow waterbirth, though there have been rumors that some nurses will allow "oops" waterbirths. However, that's a shot in the dark. The best thing I've heard of is a CNM who practices at Mercy Gilbert & Chandler Reg., Janice Bovee, who really encourages laboring in water and is fighting to get her waterbirth privileges back.

I've got to say, though, that our last baby was born in an apartment with neighbors on all sides, and we had no problems. No one noticed a thing! And our midwife has told me that she delivers often in apartments. So don't count it out!!!